We contacted KickStart cabs to move our 95 year old mother from Bangalore to Mumbai. Sri Krishna at Kickstart was very informative and helpful in arranging for the airport trip. The van arrived ahead of time on Feb 17th and the driver was patient and careful in transferring my mother to the van on the wheelchair which is rolled right into the van using the customized ramp.

My mother then stayed on the latched wheelchair for a comfortable ride to the airport. We were indeed impressed that such a service exists and it worked out perfectly for us. I recommend KickStart Cabs highly and congratulate them for providing such a necessary and useful service.

By Venkat Iyer
Dear kickstart team,

The service offered by kickstart for wheelchair bound patient is blessing ! I am using kickstart service for my mum who as too be taken to hospital for reviews every fortnight , I was concerned about my mother safety and movement kickstart cabs solved my doubts and today I can vouch for kickstart cabs for the service they offer ! Drivers are very helpful and customer centric they provide the best of service with utmost care.

The best part is due too variety of cars we can choose according too our requirements.I am sold out too kickstart cabs and would recommend their services too families,friends and senior citizens..

Thank you kickstart team
By Praveen
Excellent Service..Its very useful for the patients. Dad loved it. We would like to have it again..God bless.
By Lavanya
Dear Kickstart Team:
Thank you for the taxi today to show my grandmother around Bengaluru today.  It had been a number of years after which she has been able to do this, apart from a few visits to hospitals in an ambulance. 

Please find below a few words from Grandmum who savoured the experience.  Also, the Driver, Mr Guru was very good, on time and made us both feel very comfortable during the entire trip.  

"I am thankful to have experienced this service for the first time at the age of 92.  Without this service I would not have been able to meet my relations and friends especially since I am a total wheelchair patient. The Driver, Mr Guru was on time and made me feel very comfortable during the trip. 

We will recommend this service to our friends and families, as there is a niche for this in a busy city like Bengaluru. 

Signed: Annamma Matthan (92), Rohan George (Grandson)"    
By Rohan George
With my immense pleasure, I’m writing this mail to you. Hope this mail will find you well. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for sending kickstart Cab during our 3 days tour to Goa (29th Jul - 1st Aug 2016). It was very nice car and driver uncle Kumaran also was very cooperative. We are very satisfied with the car and services.
By Sai Kaustav
I learnt about kickstart through one of their vehicles which I saw at the traffic signal ....I was curious and went and checked it out...few months later, I needed their services as my mother had got operated ( total knee replacement surgery).
I sought their services and it was pretty early in the morning that I requested the service for. They were prompt in responding and providing the details. The drivers arrive on time and are very courteous. Their vehicles are designed to cater to the needs of the patient. I have and would recommend their services for anyone in need of such a service .. Keep up the good work Kickstart team!! You are making a difference!!!
By Preethi Shankar
Thanks for you services. It was excellent! Driver was very much Helpful. We will recommend your services to friends and families with elder people.
By Ashish Tarte

I’m Deepa Maski, Working in WIPRO and staying in the fun city Bangalore since 2007 , Brought up and studied in Bellari. I was suffering by Muscular Dystrophy at around age of 3 and have been immobile since then. But due to an awesomely caring family and amazing friends in school , collage and in work place , Always managed to get along the daily hurdles. Since my family choose to make sure I was educated in any case. Today I am able to work and enjoy almost every single element which falls in Fun of Life.

I have used Kickstart for really long time since its origination. And it really helped me a lot by expanding the areas i could go , which was a bit tough in normal cabs. I used it for office, movies, outstations, market places, functions almost every occasion to attend. And due to the variety of cars present i could take it according to requirement.

By Deepa Maski

Chandini grew up in Tamil Nadu. After she finished her schooling she started looking for higher studies in Pharmacology.

Give that she is wheelchair bound, there were 2 main criteria in choosing a college:

  • The college has to have elevator access.
  • There should be disabled friendly transportation available.

Mr. Ajith found Oxford college in Bangalore for her studies. While discussing about the transportation options, his friend suggested Kickstart.

Mr. Ajith called Kickstart to check if the service can be made available for Chandini’s daily trips to college. Once Kickstart confirmed that this was indeed possible, Mr. Ajith went back home to Tirupur and resigned his job confidently.

Chandini has been Kickstart’s customer since mid 2014.

Mr. Ajith says “Kick start helps me lot in mobility of my daughter from Collage to home. Last two years I am using kick start service and really happy with their service.”

By Chandini

I am Harish Krishnamurthy. I am an Industrial Engineering graduate. Six days after my last engineering exam in june 2003, I had gone to Goa with my friends. Their while playing in Kalangoot beach I fell awkwardly on my neck breaking my spine & since then I have been restricted to a wheelchair. I am C5-C6 quadriplegia, which means all my 4 limbs have been affected by the injury.

Before I knew Kickstart, my mobility was limited to my home & there was no way I could escape from the physical & emotional confines of my home & mind. My emotional health was very precarious & I needed to get out or lose my sanity. Unfortunately being unemployed doesn't give you much choices & being physically challenged does not help one to go out & search jobs. So when I came to know about Kickstart, I saw a ray of hope. I started applying for jobs ten years after my accident & Kickstart helped me go to these interviews. It is very hard to describe the emotions when I went out of my house for the first time in years. Like a baby taking its first step, it was both scary & exciting. I had never felt more alive in years. When I got a job, Kickstart has been with me from the first day of my job. It is more than 2 years now & I will always be heavily indebted to both Kickstart & Mphasis for supporting this amazing service. Kickstart has enabled me to look hopefully into the future where before it was only darkness.

By Harish Krishnamurthy
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